Business and Charity Donations

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I have recently been made redundant.:thumbdown: However, the good news is that my charity has benefited from my extra time. :thumbup:

Anyhow, I wonder if anybody has any expert advice, or at least point me in the right direction?

We have requested from my old office(which is incidently closing and will be disposing of its assets, computers, equipment, etc). In asking if they could make a donation, they have replied that that it is difficult due to tax, legal and audit reasons. I want to respond in a position of knowledge(I am still an AAT student), and want to suggest that it would be in their interests to donate a few items to charity.

Also, what are these original tax implications, ie I understand it is complicated to 'sell' or 'gift' fixed assets to the employees or leavers(like myself).

Thanks for your support in the meantime, and appreciate the knowledge given.
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