Uncalled Share Captial

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I wonder if anyone can help - company has ordinary share capital of $ 10,000 which at the year end balance remain unpaid. Would the entry just be:

Dr Debtors
Cr Share Capital

Also, would the debtor figure been shown as a current asset or would it need to be disclosed seperately?

Thank you for any feedback


  • Monsoon
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    If the shares have not been issued, there is no double entry.
    Only issued shares go on the balance sheet and your double entry for this is correct if these shares have not been paid for.

    Assuming the shareholders are the directors, as is common in small companies, the Dr will be in the Directors Loan Account.

    Yes, it's a current asset. I can't remember if you have to make a separate disclosure. We never do, though we could be wrong :lol:
  • crispy
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    Thank you Faerie9 :thumbup1:
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