Which Unit First?

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Im finishing intermediate at the mo, but hoping to start technician by home study soon. Has anyone got any suggestions about which is the easiest uint to start with?



  • taskey
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    i have started on PEV and PCR units as they are very closely linked. i am also working on the unit 10 project at the same time.

  • dobbieobby
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    I've also started on PEV and PCR. However, I'm ignoring Unit 10 and hoping it will go away :-)
  • I found the following order worked best for me:

    Units 8 & 9 (Dec exam)
    Unit 10 (Dec - Mar)
    Units 17 & 15 (Jan - Mar)
    Unit 11 (Jun exam)
  • jow774
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    Do you need to take pev and pcr together or can you do them separate?
  • You can take them separate but they are fairly similar to each other so it would be best to take them together and get them out of the way. I would not advise taking one of them with Unit 11.
  • David 1989
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    Start with unit 10 and get it out of the way! At least, I wish I'd done it that way - unit 10 can dra-ag on if essay/report writing is near the bottom of your list of favourite things to do.
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