Unit 15 - Simulation Panic

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Did anyone else find the Unit 15 Cash Management simulation a complete shock???

After completing all practice papers in the BPP text book along with the one on the AAT site I was shocked to find nearly double the amount of questions (11 in all) and things that arent really covered in the books - Credit Scoring, Reconstructing Aged Debtors, Private and Public Sector Accounting????

For example - on credit scoring based on two years financial accounts do you need to work out a score for each year and then add them together or take the average?

Please help!

Thanx :001_smile:


  • lisagreenwood
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    I have got my simulation with Kaplan Financial this Thursday and feel more worried than ever after reading your comments. I have been studying from home and found this unit a nightmare compared to the others.

    There is a scetion in the Kaplan books called Ratio Analysis to do with comparing 2 years accounts, but of all the sections, this has been the most difficult.

    Well I hope you have done ok, it might not be as bad as you think!

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