Excel formula help please


Does anyone know what formula I would enter into a cell to enable the return of the leser value of two other cells?


A1= 15
A2 = 20
A3 would take a formula to return the value of 15



  • Toffeemadblue
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    Hi poodle,
    Should do the trick the only issue is what you want to do if they are equal, this formala will return the equal value
  • Poodle
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    Hi Toffeemadblue

    Thank you for your help and that does as required.

    I forgot about a clustered if statement :blushing:

  • martin1971
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    Or you can use

    "=min(number1, number2, ...)"

    You can also reference ranges, names i.e.

    =min(A1:A10) will return lowest number in range A1:A10

    Empty cells are ignored.
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