Completing criteria's in Unit 10.

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In the criteria checklist for element 10.1. Managing people.

Am I supposed to show the evidence in this element against my draft project as it seems like Im supposed to reference it to something else like a questionairre which should be in my appendices. Bit confused about this part as the other elements make sence against referencing to my project and the K&U is all done for me already.



  • The best thing to do for Unit 10 is to not follow the performance criteria when writing it. Write it off the top of your head while using the Unit 10 user guide off the AAT website. When it’s complete, hand it in to your tutor as a draft and they will give you advice on what extra is needed to meet the performance criteria. This can then be added to create the finished product.

    It is best to write it first then map it rather than mapping it as you go along.

    I found it very easy using this method. :thumbup1:
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