Unit 10 - Advice Needed

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I did not get to complete my unit 10 last year as I had a few problems now that everything is sorted I would like to get it out of the way and complete my course. I went to see my tutor who told me its too late I should have enrolled in september (right mardy one he is) Is there any other way I can get a tutor to guide me through the project and sign it off for me or do I have to leave it until September? Anyone else been in the same situation? Many Thanks


  • The best thing it seems is to go at it alone rather than wait till September. If you work in accounts then you should be able to pick out a relatively easy and simple idea i.e. introduction of a new accounting system.

    I did most of my Unit 10 alone and just handed my draft into my tutor to say if I needed to add anymore to it.

    If you supply me with your background, I may be able to give you some ideas and help.
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