Identity Fraud

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Just had a call from one of my Credit Card providers to ask me about a transaction with Yahoo Wallet. Apparently someone tried to put a payment of 71p through using my details and the company, thinking it was suspicious, blocked it and called me within ten minutes to see if it was genuine!

Not a bad response time for a Saturday evening. The only downside is I need to pay for a hotel room tomorrow night with a card that's now cancelled!:laugh:

Has anybody else had their details compromised? I think it was a lucky guess of all the details that got the person my account rather than them getting it from my recycling or something but that just goes to show no-one is safe because with enough attempts, any details can be guessed at. Maybe they should bring in 18-digit account numbers and decrease the odds of getting the right number by another 100 times? Or maybe a hexa-decimal account number format?:lol:


  • Buff
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    I have been caught up in a scam on ebay before now - but noghitng so serious as cloned cards (which has just happened to a girl at work).

    I had bought something online at 10pm ish at night a couple of years ago and sent a message to the seller - i logged on before going to work at 8am and BAM, there were several HUNDRED listings for gucci glasses, handbags and designer gear - eBay contacted me to say they had blocked the account and were very helpful in assiting with chagnign account details.

    I do remeber spending £700 at B&Q then getting stopped 30 minutes later at Argos when spending £20!.. when the woman came on the phone to confirm my details, i couldn't help but ask why I was stopped for spending £20 but not £700!... ah well - at least they're doing their jobs!
  • AdamR
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    Haha I like that one about B&Q and Argos!
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    had nothing like that , but on a works night out . we book a hotel room and we all had lots and lots and lots and lots to drink then by the time we all got to our rooms and once it has stopped spinning and just about to fall asleep when the persons phone who was in my room , bleeped and this was at about 4 in the morning ? it was his bank telling him that he had taken money out of the hole in the wall at 8pm the day before? nice to be told but 4 in the morning ??not great !
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    I had my paypal account hacked to the tune of £570.

    I supposedly bought 2 X box 360's and sent them to London (I Live in Gloucester). I very rarely use papal and it is linked to a bank account I also use very rarely. Due to this I noticed within a few days.

    As I noticed quite quickly I was able to get a full refund after they investigated for 3-4 weeks.

    The reason I was so lucky was because paypal pay from their own funds whilst they await the funds to clear from your bank plus a litlle bit (so about 7 days) after this the funds are regarded as cleared to the receiver.

  • Jon_1984
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    My Manager is someone who has her homepage as google and googles any site she wishes to go to (including our companies). She Did this for her online banking, clicked into the first link that came up and ended up on a cloned site. This let her login as normal and do what she had to do until she clicked log off. At this point it reverted her back to her banks page, whilst passing the still open details to a fraudster who promptly drained her account down to the last penny via a bacs transfer:huh:
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    Well my bank must be just rubbish, as someone got hold of my details and spent over £300 on my debit card in just 4 days solely by topping up a phone.
    Someone was topping up with £5 of Orange credit at a time, so you can imagine how many time in a day it was happening to rack up that amount in just four days.
    I never did get any money back as the bank insisted i prove it was not my son, that owns an orange phone. I went in to see the Manager at our local Orange store who refused to help at all. I asked if i gave her my card number was she able to confirm or deny if it was used to top up my son's phone?
    The cheeky lady said NO! It would be breaking their customer code of practice!!
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    IMO, the mobile operators are nearly as 'scummy' as the crooks they openly allow to abuse their airwaves and fleece their clients. Several times my children's top up credit has been stolen by unsolicited text messages they've unwittingly replied to, but when I've complained, the operators bleatingly hide behind the data protection act while also profiting from the theft. If you want to rob people legally, just set up a premium rate mobile phone service and send out unsolicited texts, calls promising free ringtones, videos, wallpapers etc.
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    I can second that ebay experience.

    Also a couple of years ago, i went to use my bank card to be told it had been refused. Knowing i was paid the previous day and I work for my bank, I knew something was wrong. I wasn't able to much until the following day when i saw the transactions had been authorised but not debited.
    Turns out some lovely people decided to purchase a few fancy phones courtesey of my ebay account. Good job i work for the bank and have knowledge of the systems as they were being very difficult in the fraud dept. Thanks to my own detective work, I sorted the problem.

    The moral of the story is, if you suffer identity fraud, ring me, not Barclays!:thumbup:
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    We've had our company credit card have a security block put on it, say if my boss has been to Glasgow one day then to Somerset the next and we've also bought items over the phone with it. It is good but Lloyds don't tell you, the first you hear is when its declined and you look a bit daft:mad2:
  • CJC
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    If you get your identity stolen can you get a new one? Preferably one richer and more successful in my case.
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    simular i had 32 o2 £10 tops go out of my account with an hour thankfully i did receive all the money back but no explanation
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