Unit 10 Advice

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I was just trawling some of the AAT site pages and came across this:


It provides reviews of each year's reports and an insight into what areas should and should not be covered in the report (eg. the 2008 review states:

"Not using current accounting standards
The unit 10 standards changed in 2006 (performance criteria 10.2F) and therefore any report started since July 2007 should not include a section on the implementation and review of the working of the recommendations. They should however include a full cost benefit analysis.
Students should be encouraged to put a cost figure onto their recommendations (resources, time, etc. can all be given a financial cost) and benefits can be estimated in financial terms, though students should also include the qualitative benefits as well."

It may be an idea to just have a quick read through all of the reviews and the performance criteria just to check that you're meeting requirements.
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