Unit 10 advice needed

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Hi all

Really stuck with this project thingy.

I work in a small chartered accountants firm. There's 3 workers (including me) and 2 directors (one chartered, one not). One employee is receptionist/payroll person and me and the other work on accounts of sole traders, partnerships, ltd companies (also VAT returns) etc. The directors do the tax returns, some accounts, reviewing files and meeting with clients.

My tutor has suggested I do it on an organisational theme ie. qualified staff are spending considerable time performing tasks that require lower level of skills of necessity. A solution being to hire more lower level staff giving a mixture of skilled and trainee staff.

I just can't see anyway that this can be dragged out into 4000 words though. It would take 500 most!

Any advice on dragging this idea out or on any other ideas I could use.

All help would be appreciated.

Cheers, Greg:thumbup1:


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    unit 10


    Its very simple really... although me being a lazy typist i cant type it all out... if you have skpe or msn and a mic ill help you out a bit if you like using my project as a guide.

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    lol does it have to be 4000 words hahah mines like 5600 words long and i dont know what to delete arghhhhh
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    As long as it's all valid and not waffle, you should be fine. Mine was 5,500 words and my tutor didn't ask me to remove anything. Once I got going, I couldn't stop!
  • I was under the impression that you couldn’t be a director of a chartered firm if you are not chartered status. I’m sure that’s one of the ACCA’s rules. :confused1:
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    There's 3 firms that work in the same building - 2 are owned by both directors and the other is only owned by the chartered accountant. I just assumed all 3 are chartered firms. Perhaps only the firm with 1 director is the chartered one then. We work for all 3 (only one wage though unfortunately!)

    Should have been more clear in my starting post.
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