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Does anyone have any knowledge of this scheme within the consrtuction industry? Are payments applicable to all companies in consruction even if they are not subcontractors?

Any thoughts would be helpful.



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    I know my partner has just got a bill for it and it seems to be based on the number of staff you have, or rather your payroll total for last year.

    If you have employees that go to college you get money off them, I'm not sure how much though.
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    Any company in the construction industry is liable.

    From memory it is about 0.5% of the amount you have paid to labour only subcontractors in the past tax year and 1% of wages gross. (Might be other way round)

    It is a legal requirement, no excuses. I know the odd company who have managed to not attract CITB attention and avoided it but once they find out about you - forget it.

    The only good thing is that once you start paying the levy you can start sending employees on courses and get money back i.e. machine operators who get new tickets attract a grant. You get about £20 for each employee who passes their H&S test

    Take on an apprentice and their college fees are paid, you get a signing on bonus and quarterly payments towards their wages and you get grants for each level of NVQ they pass.

    My thoughts are:
    1. don't attract their attention
    2. If you do try to use supply and fit subbies
    3. Take advantage of every grant you can from them to offset the levy you pay.
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