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I am just starting my Unit 10 (I have until Exam results come out to complete) and wanted a bit of help with the cost benefit analysis part.

Following discussions with my mentor and personal tutor I have decided on a theme for my project, but i am worried as to how I can do the cost benefit analysis on it, as on the surface it looks to be very wordy.

My mentor/presonal tutor is the same person and is on holiday at the moment - I am struggling to catch up with another Unit 10 assessor to ask for advice from so thought i would ask on here!

The main idea of the project is lack of controls surrounding the purchase and sales system (From what I have seen it feels like anyone can order stuff and charge it to the company and doesn't seem to be monitored by any of the management, i have had to include Sales in it to bulk the report up)

Has anyone got any suggestions of where I could stick a cost benefit analysis in?? I can't think of any places for it to go (although it is Friday afternoonn so I may have missed something completely obvious!!)

Thanks for reading!


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    It doesnt always have to be how much something would cost .... why not think in terms of how much it could save the company, i.e. how much could be saved from ordering things they shouldnt order just by having that new system in place.
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    YOu could say something about maybe the purchase system would have greater segregation of duties (which may cost more in labour/time) but the benefit of that cost would be a reduction in the threat of fraudulent purchases being made.

    Does this help?

    Speegs :thumbup1:
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