Unit 10 Help Please!!!!

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I really really need some help with unit 10. My situation is that i failed one exam last June, so i couldnt carry on with level 4. I sat my exam in December and Passed!! I have now got a full-time job in a very small practice.
I thought i would try and get on with unit 10 before starting back in September. I've been to see my tutor but she hasnt really given my much guidence. I've got the BPP book and read it but still not making much sense. So could anyone send me a copy of there unit 10 to get my ideas rolling please [email protected]
Thank you


  • Gem7321
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    Hi Claire

    I feel like I need to warn you that the AAT frown upon students sending Projects for other students to look at, it could constitute cheating.

    Have you looked at the AAT help page? http://http://www.aat.org.uk/students/content/item3167/

    Have you got a mentor in your office who could suggest some ideas?
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