ATT after AAT ?

i know we are all doing the AAT course.....

but does anyone reckon it worth going on to do the ATT course afterwards

as someone who im talking about possible job they are reckon that I should go onto ATT then ACCA ?


  • angelaing
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    It depends what department you work in really....ATT is more recognised as a tax qualification whereas ACCA is an accountancy qualification.

    Instead of doing the whole ATT qualification, you can actually take each element by itself & get a certificate of compentence for each one.
  • Sonny_L
    Sonny_L Registered Posts: 201 ? ? ?
    If you like tax go for it. Being full AAT you will only need to pass 3 papers to get the full ATT qualification. This can be done in one sitting. You can also get additional certificates of competence if you wish.

    Download the prospectus from

    ATT members are exempt from all tax papers at ACA (not sure about ACCA)

    ATT is quite a bit harder than AAT, but it is hard in terms of volume rather than complexity. So home study is a good idea to keep costs down (if you're disciplined enough).

    I'd recmommend Tolleys for your course provider.
  • mark130273
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    thanks for that sonnyl.............will read up on it and look in it too.....rather go on to acca but if my boss wants me to do att first ?
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