Unit 10 MSP project help

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Ive nearlt finished my project and i am up to writting about fraud. I have lying on tax return forms but dont really understand it. How can you lye on the company tax return form and what can be done to prevent his? Thank you


  • Hodan
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    Am about to start mine now but i don't know where. How did you do yours?
    Did you do from a study case or worplace and which one is easier? If you did a study case how did you start? Hope that you can help am really looking forward to finish this report.

    Thank you and Good luck with the rest
  • Shoe Fairy
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    There are two types of fraud that could be present in a company - misappropriation of assets and mis-representation of financial statements. Maybe you could talk about the controls (if there are any) that are in place to ensure that this does not happen, or talk about the possible controls you could introduce?
  • Andypandy
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    I've been doing my project at work for the past few months now, it meant that consultants didn't have to be brought in. BUT....my lecturer said yesterday that it was too complex & large so it'll probably be easier to do the case study :(
  • speegs
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    Hi Hodan

    When I did my project I did the case study. I found that the only reason this was easier was because all the problem areas were already given to you, so you did not have to come up with very much. However, having said that, if you are working somewhere where you can identify areas that could be improved on then you may find it easier to do a work based project.

    When all is said and done, you still have to come up with the same standard of report whichever route you choose so really they are both as hard as each other.

    You should also consider this. The project is not actually that hard to do. Many students stress about it, but really if you buy the BPP unbit 10 book this will give a fantastic guide as to what you should include in your project and how to lay it out. And no I don't work for BPP, but I looked at many books when doing my project and found theirs to be the best.

    Give me a shout if you need a mentor for your project. Send me a private message and I will respond.

    Good luck in the meantime.


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