Jobs after NVQ Level 3?

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I am almost finished my Level 3 and next year want to go uni or take a gap year. I was wondering what sort of jobs I could do after level 3, because if I go to uni I'd like to have an accounting-related job, and if I take a gap year I will probably be working for some of that time so would like an accounts-related job. But I was searching on the internet and couldn't find many jobs for people who don't have experience. I know I could do book-keeping/sales ledger clerk etc, but just wondering the best place to start looking as the internet is such a big place! Also I'm doing Payroll Level 3 and wouldn't mind a payroll-job if that opens anything up to me. Thanks.


  • You would be best doing level 4 after 3 and getting the letters. It would mean more to employers and increase your chances. You can skip the first year of uni once you have level 4. :thumbup:
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    You may have difficulty finding accounts work without any practical experience.

    The recession is most definately biting and the jobs market is tight.

    Probably best to concentrate on the AAT level 4 and try to get some experience through temping.

    Voluntary work is also a great way to build practical experience.

    Qualifications are important but you need the practical experience just as much if not more.
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