Unit 10- Need help!!!

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Can anybody help me with unit 10.. I passed all my exams in one go but with this unit I don't know where to start from.
I work in accounts/finance.
My theme is- how to change the current accounting system/new nominal ledger.
In the proposal do I just focus on my theme & highlight what I want to achieve..Does the proposal need to be very formal?


  • happy
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    when i did my proposal i basically stated my intentions, gave back ground on the why things are and what i wanted to change. I also handed in a SWOT analysis and found the process a little bit easier that way because basically you build on the project from there.

    if you read the books on unit 10 they are rather helpful. good luck with it. It gets a little frustrating with the changes you may need to make as you go along but, its great when you done

  • saumil16
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    Thanx for help!

    I've submitted my proposal. I've reached upto 1100 words & that's about how the org. and the system is.

    Let's see how far I can go.
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    good luck ?
  • kazseera
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    hiii can anyone help me with a fraud risk matrix, what is it , andd errm a cost benefit appraisal:SSSSS ive done my report i just need to do theese appendicies, i dont know what they aree

  • Gem7321
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    A fraud risk assessment is easiest to do in table format with the following headings:

    1. The area for improvement you've identified
    2. The potential for fraud
    3. Any past occurences of fraud because of this problem
    4. A risk factor on a scale of 1-5 maybe (remember to say which is high!)
    5. Recommendations to improve

    A cost vs. benefit analysis only needs to be done on one of your recommendations and needs to compare the costs that would be incurred whilst implementing your recommendation and the savings that would be made if your recommendation was implemented/how long it would take to recover the costs.
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