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I recently had an altercation with the police and without getting into the details, I may get charged with aggrivated burgalry and common assault (that sounds much worse than it actually was). I've never been in trouble with the police before, and due to some mitigating circumstances, the worse I will get is probably a suspended sentance.

The charges are most likely to be dropped, but if they are not, I'd like to know how a conviction would effect my career as an accountant? Obviously, it's not going to do me any favours, but would a conviction stop me moving onto ACCA? How would a caution affect me? Do employers do criminal background checks for accounting staff??

Any comments would be great


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    There has been a case published recently where a student was expelled from ACCA from withholding a conviction when he was put on a student register.

    The only way to be sure is to check with ACCA, I think the problem with this particular student was that he had 14 convictions which he had failed to disclose!

    I think they take each case on its merits.
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    A quick Google came up with this document that may be of interest. Looks like even very serious criminal convictions are not necessarily a bar to ACCA membership and being a good card-carrying liberal I think it's right that people should be given a second chance. A pattern of reoffending (especially 13 times) seems reasonable grounds for barring membership of any professional body and failure to disclose would certainly be grounds for expulsion to my mind.

    I'm not sure whether employers would do a background check but I think there maybe some requirement to disclose offences in any case.
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