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I work in an Accountancy firm. One of our clients asked if we could display their business card. Is there a problem with this or should we not display it because of our other clients??

Please help.


  • deanshepherd
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    I've been handing out a clients cards all day today - no problem at all.

    If anything, it shows other clients that you are willing to help them gain business.
  • Jon_1984
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    Working in industry if a customer/lead is looking for a service we don't offer we will happily pass them onto someone who does. If we have two similar contacts we will pass on both and let the enquirier decide.
  • farmergiles
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    I cannot see any ethical problem here.
    By helping another client and handing out his/her cards, you may benefit from referals.
    After all, wouldn't you recommend some one who was prepared to recommend you!

    If you look at Bank business managers, they keep a list of their local accountancy clients and hand it out to new bank business customers who want an accountant.

    It's all a case of "scratch my back, I'll scratch yours"
  • tinajanine65
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    Very helpful

    Thanks for advice, very helpful.
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