Sh** on again by employer

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I've just had my appraisal with my manager, and I was really looking forward to it because it's my first appraisal after completing AAT and I was hoping to discuss my training for ACCA.

All along my employers have said I can study ACCA while I'm on maternity at a local provider that's just started ACCA training. Now they've decided I can't study on maternity (which is fair enough, I understand their reasons) but they're going to stop ACCA contracts all together. So when I come back to work I've got to do ACA and I've got to do it at the training centre which is 200 miles away in the middle of nowhere, and leave my 12 month baby at home for around 2 weeks at a time.

I think they know that I'm not prepared to do this. Does anyone else think I could have a case for constructive dismissal? This wouldn't be the first time they've tried this, they tried to push me into leaving when I was ill, and it was only when I informed them that I was receiving legal advice that they stopped hounding me.

I don't know what the best thing is to do. I'm guessing I should take as much maternity leave as possible and start job-hunting. I'm not too bothered about continuing my training, but I know my current firm won't let me remain AAT without studying a professional stage qualification. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?


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    Sorry to hear about your situation Gem - I'm planning on asking my employers to pay for my ACCA as well…..dreading that conversation.

    I'm not sure about constructive dismissal as it sounds like (correct me if I am wrong) that other people in your firm will be treated in the same way? They too will not be able to do ACCA and will have to do ACA at that specific centre? Hard to argue that they want you out, if it's a firm wide policy?
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    Have to agree with Matt regarding the constructive dismissal Gem. Guess you're right in looking for another job whilst on leave, but don't give up further training just because of your present employer. Good luck whatever you decide :001_smile:

    When's you baby due?
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    Have a chat to ACAS regarding constructive dismissal - it can't hurt.

    It does sound unreasonable that they want you to go somewhere so far away ad especially as you'd have to leave your baby at home.

    My gut feeling is look for another job.

    Good luck, whatever you decide :)
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    well if it wasnt written in your contract about study support ?you cant do noubt ?

    just be happy your still in a job ?
  • Gem7321
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    Thanks for your replies everyone.

    Although they told me they're no longer offering ACCA contracts, there has been no mention of this in any of the other offices which is worring me. I'm not convinced this is a firm-wide policy.

    Mark, in my contract further study support is provided after AAT, we're actually not allowed to stay at AAT. So if I decline the ACA training I'm out of a job.

    My baby is due at the beginning of August. My training would have began in September (all by distance learning apart from a revision course before the exams) which would have suited me so well, I was looking forward to studying at my own pace, especially with a newborn to look after.

    I'm trying to stay positive, in 12 months time it could all change. I just feel really let down again.

    I'll definitely call ACAS, thanks Faerie. They're gonna get fed up of me! :001_tongue:

    Again, thanks everyone.
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