Unit 5 short test 3 - Arthur Manderson

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Has anybody done this test? This was due in on Monday but I have spent hours getting nowhere. :blushing:

I have worked out the sales to be £54,110, and purchases to be £34,890

But I can't get my head around where the question is going and what else I need to work out??

It says I need to produce a bank account which I'm sure is simple but I just can't get my head round it let alone the profit and loss account.

Can anybody steer me in the right direction because the Osbourne book doesn't seem to have any similar questions to help


  • mikes
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    Hi Em,

    I think i remember doing this one myself. But i don't seem to find my copy of it. Could you copy out the question and i will see if i can do it. I'll send you a PM with my email address, if that will make it easier for you.


  • mikes
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    Sorry, quick update. Don't worry about copying out the question. I'm with Premier as well. I found the disk that they sent us and it has a copy of the test on it. It mainly covers chapter 13 (testing on incomplete records). Also on their website in the VIP room in the student lounge (you will need your student id number for this) there is a link for hints on how to solve the question, which you may find useful. I'm struggling to remember how to do the bank account as well. For the statement of affairs, i believe this is another name for the final accounts.

    But let us know if you still need any further help, and I'll see what i can do.

    Are you on Premier's forum, by the way? My user id is Michaels.
  • hanapospis
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    I did this test last year and have the test marked by Premier Training as well...

    how did you work out the sales without doing your bank account first?

    You should have started with your bank account which have opening and closing balance all payments on credit side and the difference is the amount of sales cashed in. With this amount of sales cashed in you can carry on doing your Sales Ledger Control and sales account.

    I am sure you must have done your bank account :thumbup1:

    Let me know of you need any help
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