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I have passed both ECR and FRA exams, have also done the skills test for unit 5, 6 and 7, and am in the middle of doing the projects for unit 21 and 22. However, I've now realised I need to do a portfolio regardless.

Does anyone know if I need to give evidence for every performance criteria in every unit even though I've done the above?

Would e-mail BPP but think I'd be waiting a few weeks for a reply.



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    For the units you've already done, it's basically all covered in the simulations and exams - therefore I just referred to my grid matrix for the answers and completed the boxes on that basis. You need to include your letter of competence, grid matrix and your simulation cover for each unit, but any progress tests you have done don't need to go into your portfolio.

    For units 21 & 22, I referred to the projects and supplementary answers plus the matrix to help me complete the boxes. However, I did these units first, so was probably a bit more diligent then!!! For these units I put in my letter of competence, grid matrix, my project and any supplementary tasks.

    As far as the Index goes, I simply sub divided each unit into a section; 1 (Portfolio), 2 (Unit 5), 3 (Unit 6), 4 (Unit 7), 5 (Unit 21) and 6 (Unit 22) then I went through and gave each page it's own number again; so ended up with 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2, etc. so that I had a page reference to refer to when completing my boxes. I then made up a spreadsheet in excel and created an index.

    There wasn't much information in sections 2 - 4, but 1,5 and 6 had quite a bit.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Annie :thumbup:
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    Thanks for your answer. What is the grid matrix you're referring to?

    Thanks again

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