Two down, one to go...

I've passed my Unit 5 (FRA) skills test. We've also been taught the last of our learning for Unit 6, and started doing past skills tests ready for the skills test in about 3-4 weeks time.

Can't help thinking I'm missing something. I've been told that Intermediate is a lot more difficult than Foundation, but I'm finding it extremely straightforward, even with the minimal amount of extra study I'm doing. :huh: I'm feeling dangerously over-confident...


  • Cullen
    Cullen Registered Posts: 592
    I thought Intermediate was easier than Foundation too. I got a shock at Technician level though. Still not over it..............
  • jow774
    jow774 Registered Posts: 465 Dedicated contributor ? ? ?
    Wish I could say the same! I felt quietly confident about FRA and luckily passed, I got through PRR, but I certainly cant say the same for ECR! I am totally baffled by this one and Ive worked in accounts for 10 years or more, lol. It all just seems so foreign to the costing we do at work. Heaven knows how I'll feell doing technician.
  • Esme
    Esme Registered Posts: 711
    I'm the same, I flew through FRA but am finding ECR really difficult, I have always worked in industry so in theory should find this the easier of the two.. I'm terrified by the thought of the exam in 8 weeks :crying:
  • sarahwilson
    sarahwilson Registered Posts: 567
    Aaarrrggh 8 weeks? I'm resitting ECR and I don't feel any happier with it this time than last!!
  • marknotgeorge
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    Well, I've got my unit 6 skills test next Wednesday (and the week after - 4 hour skills test, so it gets split between two three hour lecture periods). I know I can pass it if I knuckle down and do a bit of revision. Now I just need some motivation, as the light at the end of the tunnel is extremely dim.

    Can you tell I just got a job rejection in the post this morning?
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