who lives in a goldfish bowl?? I do

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I live right next to a football cage (as the kids call it). it is a lovely complex with a park and the footie posts double up as basketball posts. it cost the army a fortune but it is ace.

now the other day i looked out my bedroom window and there was about 7 kids (14 years ish) bouncing on a trampet and lobbing huge planks of wood at a kid who was sitting in the basketball hoop.

Now besides laughing, i stood and watched just to make sure they would not hurt themselves.

the next morning i rang the housing office just to ask them to move the wood so the kids would not hurt themselves. i left my name and address etc - no worries.

now this afternoon after work one of my neighbours has come round and asked had i phoned the office about the park, i said yes and explained why.

She was in the office this morning whilst the 'situation' in the park was being discussed. apparently an anonymous caller had reported the boys in the park so the estate manager has locked the park until the person calls back and leaves their name and address, she thought it was me who had reported it but refused to say it was me. so she has come round curtains twitching etc from the other neighbours.

It is funny, i am not an army wife, but boy do they get on their high horses about something simple as not taking a phone message correct.

i have since phoned the office and said who i was etc. i also said that since they locked the park, it has not stopped the boys from climbing the 30 foot high metal cage.

next time i will just stand and watch them and not report anything and let the park get ruined.

Sorry for the rant but it is funny

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