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Ok am I being really silly here but I have been doing this past paper and I have gone back to check my answers out I have one out .

Task 1.1 asks you to work out the production budget units

I seen to have all the figures right for period 1 but I get a different total by 1> has any one else experienced this or is it just me if so what am I doing wrote as it throws out all my other totals!! :001_unsure:

The sales is 50,000
Opening stock -
Closing stock 18,000
Total 68000
3% waste 3/97
Gross prod 70103

The module answers state 2104 with a gross production of 70104

Also my closing stock on period 4 is different too by 1

4 weeks stock of period 5
62512/12x4 =20837 there answer is 20838 sorry am i being thick here as it effects all my other answers:confused1:


  • crispy
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    The answer to this is simply that you can't just make 0.1 of an item of stock, you can either make 1 or 0. 68,000 3/97 = 2,103.1 - therefore in order to be on the safe side the waste is recored as 2,104 (as you can't have .1).

    With these questions concerning stock just round up the figure, although I think it would be unfair to penalise such a small factor.

    Hope this helps.
  • shelle
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    oh thanks how stupid do i feel getting all worried and worked up amking silly mistakes!! thank you
  • SandyHood
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    There are a few model answers where you may get a different answer yourself.
    Don't fret.
    When you take the exam, it is the process you adopt that carries the majority of the marks, not the final answer.
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