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Hi All

I need some career advice! I am 22 and i am AAT qualified. I work in the industry sector. I have been in my job for four years now and have reached the top of the ladder where i am. I would like to study for my ACCA, which i am going to have to do Distance learning as i cannot afford to do it classroom based. I would like eventually to work for myself although i do not have the experience or the confidence at the moment to do that!

My dilema is i have reached a crossroads :confused1:if you like and i am not sure which path to take, do i take a pay cut (which i cant really afford to do) and try to get a job in practice as a trainee and study ACCA or do i plod along where i am studying for ACCA until i am experienced enough to go self employed? It would be nice to hear if anybody else has been in this postion or could give me any advice which may help! i do like working in industry but i am finding it hard to find another job which has room to move up the ladder!

Hope this makes sense to somebody!:001_unsure:


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    If you want to go self employed you might find ACCA too restrictive. To practice as an ACCA you have to have a practicing certificate which you can only gain by working in an approved practice for 3 years with 2 of those years being post qualification.

    Will you be able to get enough relevant practice work experience whilst working in industry? If so you may be able to do it as an MIP. However if self employment is your real goal I really would recommend getting some practice experience or you may not be able to satisfy the licencing panel of your competence.
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