Do I do this correct???????

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Hello everybody!
How is Yours Sunday? Mine is fine.
Just wondering if someone could help me with some caschbook postings and accounting rules.
I do books for my mate's limited company. I create in excel simple cashbok where I posted all transaction he has made using his bank card. Well, simply I registered all payments where his card number is shown. But there is bunch of payments we paid by cash or using our private debit cards. Can I posted them together with company's ones? How does it work in practise if let say for instance he took £100 then paid for some purchases £72 and remaining amount he keeps in pockets for later. Will £72 be recorded as a purchase and £28 as a drawings? Or should do something else?
Thank You for any helpful responses.
I wish You nice Sunday afternoon


  • Primble
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    if the stuff was paid by private cards was it reinbursed through petty cash?
  • gregory
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    Well I have not set a petty cash at the beginning 'cos there were few months where company had no activity. And I think may be too late as our financial Year is ending. So I try find out can I put it straight to Cashbook
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