Unit 10 project - help!

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Hi eveyone,

I have been putting this project off for a while now fearing that I couldn't actually do it and I was kind of right.

I've managed to start it and have got a little stuck at the 'evaluation of systems part'. Yes, the main part!

We use Microsoft Dynamics Nav (Navision) where I work (I work in the motor trade). Part of the problems we have is that we have to liase with are head office in Luton. I work in the purchase side of the business. I was going to base this part on the fact that we have to wait for replies from our head office before being able to pay for invoices which can cause problems with aggrevated suppliers. There is a little morework involved in this of course but don't want to bore you!

I have a student handbook from college which tells me what I can include in this part of the project but still a little stuck.

Could anyone point me in the right direction.
Much appreciated.
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