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Hi there,
I have recently joined the AAT as a student member studying the Foundation Introductory Accounting Unit 30 - I am struggling with my exam date being in June because I feel that there is not enough time to revise!!! Would it be adviseable to delay this exam/simulation until December???


I am currently unemployed and have no-one except this forum and the distance learning tutors for advice, I did do a HND in Business in Finance but that was ten years ago.................

Any advice welcome please
Many thanks
Tracy :001_smile:


  • A-Vic
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    Hi Tracy

    Firstly welcome to forums :001_smile:

    I cant tell you whether or not to take the exam in june but will say you now have 7 weeks till exams it is a lot to take on, however it all depends how you learn some people manage to learn it straight off, but for me doing the second year id say foundation is one of the hardest to grasp because of debits and credits.

    Good luck with what you decide and if i can help in anyway please pm me anytime.

    Vic :thumbup1:
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    Hello Tracy

    Well done for starting the AAT. I am currently studying the foundation and am taking the Unit 30 exam in June. I started studying last October and was going to try and push for the December exam, but didnt get it booked in time. To tell you the truth im happy that i didnt book it !!
    I have such a better understanding of the course altogether now and am 100% confident about passing the unit 30 in June.

    While studying, still keep looking for any volunteering work to do with accounting/finance and obviously any type of work to get some money coming in.

    Like A-Vic said , it depends on how you pick it up really. If you do decide to go for the June exam then i would definately advise on buying some BPP passcards (Im selling my passards for £8 if your interested).

    Also while you might see December as a long way off, believe me, when you start studying that time will fly. Make sure you take all the practice exams available.

    Hope this helps and good luck with whatever you choose.

    Steve :thumbup:
  • A-Vic
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    Also sorry to be a downer but by now you should be revising and have covered a good 90% of the sylabus
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