#Mummy, WOW! I'm MAAT now!# :D

Raging Pineapples
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Hehe... couldn't resist :001_tongue:

Anyway, now that I'm a full Member, I obviously want to get my CPD arranged, but I'd just like some tips.

What can actually count toward CPD in my case? For instance, I've assessed my needs and as a new Member there should be enough to keep me going for some years I reckon:

1. Payroll: I didn't cover it in my studies as a student, so I'd love to get to grips with it now so that I can potentially offer it as a service as an MIP in the near future.

2. Brush up on old skills: The skills I use rarely like costing and the finer points of personal tax I need to brush up on to make myself more effective.

3. Business Taxation: I didn't do this unit, so I'd love to cover that at some point.

Now 1 and 3 I could happily do through the AAT I should imagine (since there are units for those), but I'm not sure if that would count as a form of CPD. Point 2 is a little harder to prove since really it just involves sitting down with my old books and going through them again.

Would any of you seasoned Members give me some advice?


  • Monsoon
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    Firstly, congratulations! Well done on becoming a full member :)

    AFAIK, any form of study counts as CPD, as does reading. Hell, I use my hours browsing accy forums, which is amazing for refreshing the memory and keeping up to date with recent changes etc.

    The trick is to demonstrate you are assessing what you need to do, and show that you have attained that goal.
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