taking ptc or btc instead of pcr?

novemv Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 27
hey guys,

i have checked my statement of achievement for technician level , it is mentioned that i have to complete 5 core subjects and 2 optional. i have completed 6 now but i have failed in pcr twice, is it possible to take ptc or btc taxation instead of pcr to get my technician level?


  • troy
    troy Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 275
    Sorry but no you can't. PCT and BTC are just more options. PCR is one of the compulsory subjects you have to pass.
  • jay cutler
    jay cutler Feels At Home Registered Posts: 57
    Troy's right. You must take PCR. If you passed PEV then that should help you understand a little bit of PCR. Good luck.
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