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You have $400,000 to start a business to sell books and other stationary.Since it is a new establishment,you decide to buy some assets to start a business work. considering the nature of the business,visulize the types of assets that you would will need to buy to be able to start your business.Assume that you have operated your business for three months already;list all the transactions that you entered into for the first quarter ending December ,2008. Required:

1)Journalize the transactions and posts them to the respective ledgers
2)Prepare a tril balance as at December 2008
3)Prepare a trading and profit and loss and balance sheet for year ended 31 December 2008
4)Prepare a fixed assets register for all assets purchased (including the stock ).Assuming your business annual depreciation rate is 20%. Please help me with this is my project any suggestions would be accepted.Thank you
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