Fathers Day....

Morning Guys!!

I know it's a bit early but we're on hols in the middle of May and may need to order before we go.... I want to get my partner an original gift that he won't be expecting for Fathers Day!! We have a 4 year old and a baby... :001_smile:

Have any ladies out there bought anything that made your man smile or have you men ever received anything a little different?

All suggestions welcome and much appreciated!!

Rachel :thumbup:


  • Cullen
    Cullen Registered Posts: 592
    I found a couple of old photos of my Dad and his Dad taken when they were around the same age and had an artist friend of mine do a watercolour painting in a rather nice sepia palatte.

    Giving my Dad a painting of him and his Dad for Fathers day was the best gift I have ever given.

    You could perhaps do something similar either in art or film for your husband with your children as subjects? How about getting your children's hand or footprints and getting them dated and framed. Could your 4 year old write a dedication on it?

    It's just not about money is it?
  • Rachey
    Rachey Registered Posts: 589
    Thanks Cullen that's a fantastic idea! I'll start browsing....!

    I'm glad it's not just about money because i don't have any! haha.
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