Personal Tax resit help required.

Gimmicks Just JoinedRegistered Posts: 4

I unfortunately failed my PTC in December on part 2 and I am resiting in June.

Can anyone help me, as some of my fellow students have scared me by saying it might have all changed due to tax changes etc etc...

I really need some help on what areas to concentrate on, for my revision.

Any help will be greatly appreciated..




  • jay cutler
    jay cutler Feels At Home Registered Posts: 57
  • Paul24
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    The principles wont have changed, even if the tax rates have! I found myself in a similar position a few years ago, and I just nailed as many past papers as I could, it is a very passable exam as long as you are willing to put the time in preparing for it.
  • Gem7321
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    The biggest change is the way WDA and AIA are calculated - there's more info on the link that Jay posted.
  • Gimmicks
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    Cheers both, I will factor this into my revision, Yes the exam last time, my prep was terrible (family death) so my 4 weeks leading to it, I did no work, and I lost marks in silly areas.

    thanks though, ill prep well this time.
  • umerali2003
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    I have passed the taxation in this dec attempt do not fear the tax rates because they all will be given in the exam but its advisable to practice the new rates before going to the exams .
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