Hey people. Just a quick question

steveJ Experienced MentorRegistered Posts: 694
Hello all.

Just a quick question...

I recently applied for a position as a accounts assistant in the tenants section in a property lettings and management agency.

Would anyone have any experience in such a role ?
Any idea on what i could read to get a better idea of the role ?

Any help woud be most grateful.


    PAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 718
    I did ti for about 10 months between construction jobs, what sort of things are you wondering about?
  • steveJ
    steveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
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  • steveJ
    steveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
    Just wondering what to expect really ! The woman told me a lot of admin work plus bank reconcilliations. Not that I mind ,its good for experience. Also what kind of things will I be doing with my day ? Inputting rents paid etc ?
    PAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 718
    I was in a small agency so if you are working in a bigger one it might be different.
    Anyway there was a fair bit of admin work as in sending out letters to tenants in rent arrears, notices to quit (which are sent automatically 2 months before the end of the current tenancy agreement).

    Bank reconciliations where you sort out which payment relate to which tenant's rent, they all came into the client account.

    Registering same rent to their rent account, then once we had the full day's list of rents paid I allocated any repair or other invoices due to that property and issued an invoice to the landlord for our fees with a statement showing rent received, any repairs etc. deducted and our fee deducted, issued a cheque or bacs payment for difference.

    Prior to the landlord's payment being issued there was a reconciliation carried out of rents received, payments due to contractors or utility companies, fees due to us and payments due to landlords.

    Once that was reconcilied payments were made to all sides from the client account and the fees due to agency were transferred to our current account.

    It is vital in a letting and property management agency that the client account is kept up to date and always balances as this is one of the main focuses on an audit, both by the accountants and by the regulatory body i.e. ARLA
  • steveJ
    steveJ Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 694
    Did it take you long to pick it up ?

    Would you say that this would be a good entry level opportunity for me? I am currently studying the foundation from home.

    Would it be good experience to put on my CV ?
    PAMDILL Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 718
    It did not take long to pick up - the company used mainly Excel for invoices etc. and a specialised package for the tenants and property records.

    A lot of it was common sense and arithmetic.

    Any accounts experience is good for your CV if that is the field you are looking to get into.
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