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Hello all,

Ive just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Now i definitely do suffer some of the memory symptoms of this disease (as well as other symptoms) so this news has made me admit to alot of sides of myself to myself...if that makes any sense.

This news has generally made me query doing this course and what i can do about learning and memory in regards to exams for example, if i do decide to continue with this course.
A little questioning and also despondent for certain. But could also be realistic??

Ive barely started the aat course i have to admit , due to health issues regarding the now know cause of it being m.s.
I have some months ago done a bookkeeping course as i felt it would help me with the AAT and i have to say that i failed the level 2 of that exam(IAB Bookkeeping), so it obviously is a consideration if i do continue with the aat.

Any thoughts or advice in regards to the aat course would be much appreciated.
I would like to continue with it but these questions are defiantly on my mind.

Thank you for any feedback/thoughts/etc.
All Much appreciated.

Best Regards Ponder


  • Bluewednesday
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    Sorry to hear that Ponder.

    I have a friend with ms who hasn't got the concentration problem or memory problem so there's a chance that you won't display those symptoms (or they won't get any worse).

    It's worth giring it a go incase you can manage it rather than not trying.

    IF you need help just ask, maybe look at why you failed your level 2 bookkeeping (I mean what you had problems with on the course) and at least with AAT you can take it slowly and do a unit and a time, deferring skills tests until you are well enough where necessary.

    Good luck
  • LondonMatt
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    I'm sorry to hear about your condition, ponder.

    I'd advise to continue with your studies. As BW said, take a unit at a time and see how you fair. I think of you give up now, you may come to regret it in the future.
  • lou123
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    I'm really sorry to hear your news Ponder.

    I was diagnosed with a brain tumour almost 2 years ago and it has slowed down my progress with the AAT course but I'm determined to complete it in case I get to the stage that I can't!

    My advice would be to let your tutor know (if you have one) and also apply to AAT at exam time to see if you are entitled to special considerations. As for the memory side, I'm afraid I don't have any knowledge about your condition but from my own experience, I'd say just be gentle on yourself because you'll have good days and bad. Keep plodding on no matter how long it takes you, but only so long as you're still enjoying it because life's too short to be unhappy.

    All the very best and keep your chin up. :thumbup:
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    I have suffered from M.E. for over 20 years now (only got an official name for the syndrome 10 years ago) I know it is not in the same league as M.S. or a brain tumour but the symptom I find most annoying is the lack of concentration at times and the total lack of some memory functions.

    I have been attending a naturopath/homeopath for the last 5 years and taking supplements which does help a bit.

    However I have managed to study for the AAT and various other courses over the last 10 years along with full time employment by taking my time and finding wee tricks to help me memorise stuff.

    I have found that stressing about my studies and my work situation (in construction) make the symptoms worse but with the best will in the world you can't stop that.

    Just take your time, defer exams or skills tests if you feel really bad at that time and concentrate on doing what you can when you can.
  • Ponder
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    Thank you all for your replys. Its great to hear all your points of view and to receive your encouragement. Plus also to be reminded of some points.

    Yes life is short. But also i have to agree,LondonMatt, that i dont want to have regret about not attempting something or not...In fact today i feel like abit of a chicken even thinking these things yesterday..haha but today is another day..

    Well yes i think the main thing has been worrying me in relation to this question is if its all a waste of time, money and effort..but that was me being fairly despondent and depressed by it all...Excuse me, it is a bad attitude to have! (but a understandable reaction one in some ways.)
    But yes lou123, Indeed being gentle on yourself is important in lots of parts of life.

    And answering Bluewednesday but also answering myself to the point brought up in this for me...its the memory problems i do/have and will experience that are the thing.Id say thats pretty much the main reason i failed the bookkkeeping exam i took.
    Espically in exam situations that are quite geared up to "eat the text book and regurgitate it approach" if you get my drift.
    Pamdill i totally understand what you are saying.

    Hope you Pamdill and lou123, well i hope you all are well.

    Thanks one and all, it all clicked into place and was great to read.
    Gives me the strength to give myself a "kick up the bum" and stop being such a despondent whinge bag!...(joke~my terrible humour is back!)

    Have a great day and evening all!
  • mark130273
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    bloody hell ponder....sorry to hear about that !!!
  • Ponder
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    So am i !!! lol sorry my bad humour is on quite alot at moment. But i appreciate your shock/concern mark.
    Nah seriously im in the "shocking people" phase atm because im being open and talking to people(i.e being a big mouth) sorry people, im just talking and being open, hope i did not ruin your day/mood/etc.

    Life goes on (anyhow.)
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