Disposals/Sale of assets

HI Guys,
an item is sold for 1500,
accumulated depreciation is 1000
part exchange is 350
loss on sale is 150
new item bought from the bank for 1000

to transfer to the extended trial balance adjustment columns:
cr asset (item) 1500
dr prov for depreciation 1000
dr disposals 150
dr asset item 350
cr bank 1000
dr asset item 350

does that make sense to anyone? is it correct?


  • AdamR
    AdamR Registered Posts: 668
    keithy1978 wrote: »
    an item is sold for 1500,

    If you mean an item is sold that cost 1500, then yes that all makes sense.:thumbup1:
  • keithy1978
    keithy1978 Registered Posts: 36 ? ? ?
    hi adam,
    yes i meant cost 1500.
    also the last type should be dr asset 1000 as that came from the bank
  • AdamR
    AdamR Registered Posts: 668
    It's late, I missed that!:001_tongue:
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