Unit 32 Additional Questions

Hi all,

I have received my results for my Unit 32 Skills Test and didnt quite get 100%. My Tutor has advised that I need to answer a few questions over the phone to achieve this and has asked me to revise on a few things. One of them I have been asked to revise on I dont understand properly can anyone shed some light on it.

"Standards and rules that an accountant employee is expected to uphold"

Would this be the Professional Behaviour side of Ethics?



  • Rachey
    Rachey Registered Posts: 589
    Is it relating the prudence concept and the FRS's and SSAP's?? Thats what my answer would be. But of course with a bit of an explanation on them! Even if this is **** then at least it rules it out!

    Good Luck!!
  • jewels.p
    jewels.p Registered Posts: 1,774
    Hi Rachael,

    Thanks for that! You made me laugh on a Friday when I'm having a Monday day!:thumbup:
  • Rachey
    Rachey Registered Posts: 589
    Haha, i dont care if everyone on here thinks im a loon, i just read the question and thought 'prudence!' I've not even done Unit 32 yet hahahahahaha, that's why i said it's probably wrong. Have you tried the AAT e-learning? That's come in handy for me quite a few times!!

    I wish you well :-)
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