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I am thinking of changing from Diploma route to NVQ in the autumn. Do you think it would be possible?.. I am doing my first Unit 5 exam (Diploma route) in June and then I want to change to Intermediate level.


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    If you complete the advanced certificate there is a small adjustment needed.
    AAT have produced a document to assist anyone with such a transfer from the diploma route to the NVQ.
    I will assume you expect to complete the advanced certificate level, and that you would otherwise be eligible to move onto the advanced certificate level.
    To transfer to Intermediate on the NVQ pathway you will require a copy of either your certificate or statement of achievement showing you have passed unit 31, plus supplementary work: Evidence that you have
    1. obtained authorisation from the appropriate person to allow you to despatch completed reports and returns (PC 7.2C)
    2. sought guidance from the VAT office in a professional manner ( PC 7.3D)
    3. VAT work that has included inputs and outputs where there are examples of Imports and Exports. (Range statement for 7.3)
    4. understanding of the main sources of relevant government statistics (K&U 1)
    5. knowledge of special VAT schemes including; annual accounting, cash accounting and bad debt relief. (K&U 7)
    All five areas are assessed in a brief that your new college will be able to obtain from AAT. I would imagine most colleges would carry this out in a short session after you have had some time to prepare.
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    Hi Lana, I am thinking of doing the same thing. I wondered what your reasons are, PM if you prefer.
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