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Hello My Name is Katrin
starting at level 3 and dont know with which unit to start with
and a bid nervous , english isnt my first language .


  • mikes
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    Hi Katrin,

    Welcome to the forums. Don't feel nervous or worry about your English, as i am sure that there are others, who are also the same.

    As for which subjects you want to do first. I would suggest talking to your tutor/training provider to see what they would feel would be best for you, as the NVQ and Diploma pathways have slightly different subjects and the order they are done. Myself I would suggest doing Finanical Records first, if you are doing the NVQ, as that follows on from doing Ledger balances in the first level, or Accounting Work Skills in the Diploma.

    All the best and we will try to help you where we can.

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