Osborne, Twistweave, Practice Exam

hi, i'm doind Practice Exam 1 out of the Osborne workbook, and i'm stuck on two questions. Task 1.4 and Task 1.6.

Direct labour = 7200 hours
Normal hours = 6,000
overtime hours = 1,200
Normal hour pay rate = £6.60
Overtime (treated as indirect cost) = £3.30

Complete table to record book keeping entries, for direct wages, overtime premium for the month.
dr cr
Production overhead control account
wages control account

Then calculate overhead abosobed in march referring to 1.2.


Referring to 1.4 b shown above show the appropriate entries for production overhead absorbed and for under or over abosorbed in order to complete the balance for production overheads.

Dr Cr
wages control 5,000
depc 7,000
premises 4,000

Any help would be appreciated?
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