who is studying with Eagle Education ??

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I would like to know is someone studying with eagle education. I received my Books on Tuesday and had a look trough. I will have my first contact with my tutor next week but rally would like to know how to start. I have my tutoring book (it explains everything) a workbook (with lots of questions) and the study buddy again with questions. So how would I use those 3 books?:confused1:

thank you to all in advance



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    Hi Katrin,

    I'm studying with Premier Training, rather than with Eagle. The basis of home learning seems to be similar between companies. I have just looked at their website, to find out more about them. The study buddy, seems to be unique to them and breaks down the subjects in managable sections and explains them more easier as well as telling you where you can go in your text book for more information, which is by Osbourne books, that myself and a lot more others use.

    Were you given a timetable, which shows when you should be taking your exams and assessments. I would take the time to go through everything, so that you become used to them and find out what subject you should be studying first.

    I know that there are others here, who are also with Eagle Training, they can also give you more guideance.

    Best of luck with your studies.

    Let us know if you need any more help.
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