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i have taken my resit today at college on cash management and credit control. i had revised till i was bored and when i came to the resit i was doing fine untill i got to task 7. i had revised trends over and over. pretty easy. but this question wanted me to work out the seasonal variation and i hadnt even touched on this. i was gutted . i felt sick. i just tried to think of how it would be worked out, but im sure its incorrect. can anyone tell me if i would probably fail on my skills test on this question. i felt the rest of the test went o.k..fingers crossed.

A most anxious student.


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    When you get your results, if there are any that are wrong then your college will arrange for you to answer further questions until you get them right and maybe others that wasn't covered in the test, due to time constraints. This is how you show competence in the subject, for any skill tests. I am doing this subject now, working out of the Osbourne books.

    Seasonal trends appear in chapter 3, when they are talking about moving averages. You calculate the average for each cycle, say for example 3 weeks. You add up the first three weeks figures and divide by 3 for that average, then you move down a line and add up weeks 2-4 and then the average and so on. You then deduct the trend from the weekly production figure to get the seasonal variance and work out what the future figures are likely to be. For the sake of the test, it should be easy to spot. I will be suprised if it was complicated, as that would waste time in doing the other questions.

    Best of luck.
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    thankyou for your reply. i havnt slept, made myself real ill over it. i even dreamt seasonal variations. silly i know. but i think this and other things this year have got on top of me. anyway thankyou. gud luck on your test. i havnt had results yet. now ive gota to catch up with my costing. xx
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