PDF maker?

I'm in job-hunting mode at the moment and, in this online age, many firms wish to have applications submitted by e-mail. That's fine by me, but I have found problems with sending Word documents in that the format they end up in is not the format they started in. This could be caused by using different versions, or even alternative software.

The solution to this, apparently, is to send the files in Adobe Portable Document Format (pdf). This makes sense as the document wouldn't be edited but shown exactly how it looked when I saved it. Adobe Acrobat Reader is freely available and it's pretty reasonable to expect people to use it.

Can anyone recommend a free-to-download pdf maker?


  • sloshed
    sloshed Registered Posts: 100 ? ? ?
    I use Cute PDF which is free and easy to use.
  • Bookworm55
    Bookworm55 Registered Posts: 479
    Note: I have been informed that MS Word 2007 has, in fact, got a 'save as pdf' option. I have found it and verified that it works. Now it may not do the fancier stuff that the pdf style can handle, but it will keep CVs and letters in the formats I want them in. So I have answered my own question, really.
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