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With ref your thread on 7th May regarding changes to PEV June 09 paper. You have said that they are going to be using stuff from ECR in the paper. Is this just rumour or have AAT announced it? I have not heard anything about this, so where has it come from?
Is it now not enough to study just for technician level do we also need to dig books out for intermediate level as well. I passed ECR 3 yrs ago and yes I have forgotton it as I don't do it in my job, and no I don't read accounting books everyday.
They done this in the Dec 08 exam hence the reason I failed
Any one else heard this rumour, or has anyone heard anything direct from AAT?


  • troy
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    Hello Crybaby,

    My tutor told me as he was at the PEV exam conferance about two weeks ago.
    It is true that at any level they can test what you have already learned but my tutor got the impression that is what is going to be happening, you have to remember that these people can not tell you what is going to be in an exam but he did say that previous levels which have been passed should be tested again.

    Sorry, can not be any more clearer than that
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