AAT Intermediate Skills Tests

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Hi there,

I would be really pleased if someone could help??

I started AAT in 2004 and passed the exams. I then didnt go on to complete the Technician Stage. I started my AAT again last year and have now completed all but DFS on the Technician Stage.

I also had to re-sit MFR, RCI and PRR (Intermediate papers) because they were under the old standards.

This is all fine but although i completed these again, it still says skills tests to do on Intermediate for these three subjects?

I dont understand why i would need to do the skills tests when i have re-sat and passed the exams! any ideas?



    PAMDILL Registered Posts: 721 ? ? ?
    I had to do the same as they said that you were only allowed to transfer tests under the old standards up to January 2008. This really cheesed me off as I had been trying to transfer them since September 2007.
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