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Hiya All,

Just started revising for the DFS exam and wondering how you are revising?

I've just started to write out the standards we need to know but starting to get bogged down.

I will do the practice exams that are online too.

Has anyone got any revision ideas?

Vicky :thumbup1:


  • Ampsie
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    Hi Vicky,

    I've started revising by making a list of each unit from my course book and i'm going through them one by one.
    I'm writing things like ratios on flip cards so i can look at them as much as possible.

    Have a look at the thread further down by Barry called 'help needed form Steve'
    I started with the standards too and also got bogged down, but there's some really helpful advice on that thread. Saying that there's other areas that we should be concentrating on more.

    I also bought the BPP DFS revision book and find that really good. It words things slightly differently sometimes which is handy cus that's often what throws me in an exam!

    Good luck with it all!

    (can't believe it's getting so near to June 17th!)
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