PCR June 2003 1.1g

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Can someone please help me work out where the opening and closing stock figure comes from in this question? I think I understand the answer, but can't seem to work it out myself, closest I've come is £12 difference, don't know if its rounding or i'm doing something else wrong??
model 1 model 2
Material £71,932 £173,412
Labour £48,060 £22,800
Overhead £55,248 £26,640
£175,240 £222,852

Opening stock (5303) £13,457 (2507) £16,785
Closing stock (5508) £(13,978) (2652) £(17,750)

Stock is the only figure I can't get right! What are the workings for it? (they aren't given on the answers I have)


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    In my book the PCR paper for June 03 has Dobra for task 1 and no 1.1 g

    Please can you check if the paper you are refering to is different?
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    oops, sorry! Just realised it should be June 2007! d'oh.
  • blacksheep
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    Have just looked at the answers for this exam on the downloads page - which I thought should be identical to the ones FTC sent me - and they don't include the stocks at all. Which was the part i didn't understand and have been worrying about for the past couple days.
    Not happy that the answers I have been given to revise on are different from the actual exam answers. :-(
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