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Can anyone help...

leeleeleelee New MemberRegistered Posts: 6
Hi, I hope someone can help I have a problem......

My Husband is one of a long line of self employeed people who has recently had to pack up and go back into employment, however this has left us with alot of debt both business and personal.

If my husband and I were to go for an IVA does anyone know how it would effect my career as a AAT member, who hopes to go on to better things with my qualifications at some point in the future.

We are both fed up of the situation but I have worked so hard to get were I am, and am afraid it will be frowned upon if we choose this path.

Any suggestions would be appreciated right now.

Many thanks in advance.


  • farmergilesfarmergiles Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,693
    See reply on "Chat"
  • deanshepherddeanshepherd Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,809
    Have you seen that episode of Friends where Ross thought dating a student at the University where he taught would be frowned upon?!

    Word of warning: Speak to the AAT first.

    I believe another member on here failed to notify the AAT that he entered into an IVA and he had his student membership suspended subject to further investigation. I don't believe he came back to tell us the final decision made by the AAT but I suspect it was not good news.

    If you wish to extend your study further you may find that a number of other bodies will not let you become a student/member if you entered into arrangements with your creditors.
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