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Rental income and rent a room relief

EmthiEmthi Feels At HomeRegistered Posts: 53
Hi all

He has 3 properties, one of which is their main residence and the other 2 have been rented out. If it is a normal case that he has just 1 property and let out to some one and claim rent a room relief of £4250.

But in this case what he has done, He has rented out 2 properties and, in his main home, let a room to a boy and charges £200 a month.

My question is, can he claim rent a room relief of £4250 while he rents out the other 2?


  • groundygroundy Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 495
    Yes rent a room relief is relevant to your own property so he will be fine to claim for the £200 p/m.

    If he had a property to let that he did not live in then he can not claim rent a room relief.
  • EmthiEmthi Feels At Home Registered Posts: 53

    Thanks groundy
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